Friday, January 2, 2015

Slice of Work #1 — The Final Interview & the Old Coordinator

He was an ordinary man doing an ordinary job in a not so ordinary company. Let’s call him Mr C – a recruitment coordinator. He was bent of age but had a sparkle in his eye and a keenness to serve.He had taken us around, given us a lot of information. He put in a kind word of advice and was supportive of each of us who had come in for the final interview.

Ever keen to know our background, and had asked a lot of questions. A good listener, he had been encouraging of anything we said.After the interview was over, he took the others aside, then came back to two of us and congratulated us. Said, “It is important to be kinder to those who were not selected, and that takes time.”

Many months later, I met him again at the head office. I invited him for some coffee and asked him about his life and his work. He swept that question aside and said gleefully, “I knew you would be selected. I have met so many people and am 99% sure who would make the cut.” “It is my life’s work,” he added with pride. I gently asked, “Does your boss know about this.” He smiled and kept silent and I could see a teardrop well up in his eyes as he turned and walked away. That was ages ago.

Each job has a specialization, and people who handle it know the best. They often become experts and long to be consulted but are seldom asked.Their tasks are often seen as mundane. Forgetting that God is in the details. And they can reveal a lot of insights. They are the diamonds in the rough. All it takes is a genuine interest in them and an inclusion that instills a sense of ownership of their work and the company. To check and to value a person’s point of view regardless of where they are in the hierarchy is a value learnt over time.

Fast forward >> As I set about to interview the next person, I asked the seasoned coordinator what she thought of the candidate. There was a gleam in her eyes as she started to speak. And I remembered Mr C...